Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that you may have when choosing a sports bra:

Why do I need a Sports Bra?

Not wearing a sports bra while exercising can lead to breast pain, tension in the upper back and neck and breaking down of the ligaments that support the breasts. It is estimated that around 60% of women experience breast pain while exercising and many women are prevented from sport and exercise because of this. A sports bra should be as essential as a well-fitted pair of running shoes.

…but I have nothing to fill it?

Some smaller breasted women may feel that they do not need to wear a sports bra but research has shown that it is just as important for A/B cup sizes to support their breasts as an F cup.

What impact levels are Sportjock Bras suitable for?

As Sportjock sports bras were developed for running they are suitable for high-impact activities. As they are incredibly comfortable and supportive they are also suitable for all exercise and sport and many women even wear them for everyday use.

I need a proper sports bra, not just a crop top

As there are many crop-tops available that do not have the supportive features of a sports bra some women may feel that a Sportjock sports bra is just another crop-top. If you have any doubts the best thing you can do is try one on and feel the difference!

What is the benefit of wearing a sports bra made from technical fabric?

It is the build-up of perspiration that can cause chaffing and irritation while exercising. To eliminate this, a good sports bra should be made from technical performance fabrics that wick away perspiration. Sportjock sports bras are made from CoolMax® and Supplex® to ensure that you are kept cool and dry.

How often should you replace your sports bra?

Sportjock sports bras are manufactured from some of the best performance fabrics and as a result they retain their support exceptionally well over the lifetime of the bra. However, like a quality pair of running shoes, your bra will need replacing once it is no longer offering you sufficient support. This depends on how much stress the bra is put under and how often it is used. If participating in regular, high impact exercise, you should replace your sports bras as you do your running shoes.

Is the Super Sports Bra a better bra as it has more features?

The Super Sports Bra has been designed with additional fabric and an inner-moulded cup to encapsulate and support a fuller bust. These additional features are essential in a sports bra for women with a larger bust but are not suitable for women with an A/B cup. The key to getting the best supportive bra is measuring for the correct size and best over-all feel.

If I lose weight will I need to buy a new sports bra?

Many women that embark on a new exercise regime don’t invest in a sports bra because they think that it won’t fit them in a month’s time. One of the great selling points about a Sportjock is that because it covers a range of under-bust and cup size measurements it will almost certainly still fit a woman if she loses a moderate amount of weight.