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September 09 – Action Sports Bra – 7 of the best Sports Bras

Sarah Outen

August 09 – Congratulations to Sarah Outen who was the first woman & youngest person,
to row solo across the Indian Ocean complete with Sportjock bra,
kindly supplied by Less Bounce.

Runner's World

June 09 – Voted the Sportjock Action Sports Bra the best sports bra for A and B Cups.

September 06 – Sportjock Action Sports Bra
There seems to be an assumption among some manufacturers that, for a small busted runner, any crop top will do, but the Action Sports is a good example of how to get it right. Like most crop tops, it’s very comfortable. However, unlike some, its easy to pull on and off, is rigid enough to hold the bust still over a run, wicks well thanks to its CoolMax lining, and dries quickly. The only downside is that for shorter women, the support band at the bottom could sit too far down the chest, giving a less stable fit.

December 97 – (Sportjock, Shock Absorber, Elle Active, Dans-ez, M&S tested – Sportjock rated ‘Star Buy’)

The favourite with all our testers, this bra scored highly on both looks and performance.
The A-cup testers found it gave plenty of support, and praised its wicking abilities. They also pronounced it attractive – and substantial – enough to wear as an outer garment.
The B-cup testers were equally enthusiastic, liking the comfort and fit of he built-in inner cup and the breathability of the fabric. One described the bra as ‘wonderfully-proportioned’ and praised the wide range of colours available.
Our D-cup tester also appreciated the bra’s moulded cups and liked the wide straps, underband and overall style.

Women's Weekly

May 08 – Alexandra, age 47 (size 32AA), tested the Sportjock Action Sport
Size Tested: Small
Features: The racer-back design anchors the bra in place and prevents straps from slipping down. Can be worn as an outer- or under-garment.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Ease of Wear: No fastenings, so very simple to pull on and off over the head.
Bounce Factor: Very good.
SCORE: 10/10

Lingerie Buyer

March 08 – Armed with a box full of sports bras, Lingerie Buyer persuaded 29-year-old, 34C, gym addict Victoria Wood of Cumbria to test the bestselling styles on the market and separate the front runners from the also rans.
Sportjock: Action Sports Bra
Size/Colour: A-C, black, white, navy, aqua, purple, cornflower blue, medium blue, lipstick red and raspberry.

The Brand Says: Designed as a compression bra, the Actions Sports Bra has a CoolMax lining with a Supplex outer so it ensures perspiration is taken away from the skin and prevents rubbing or chaffing. The wide band underneath the bust ensures support and comfort.

Victoria’s Verdict: “This was my personal favourite. More of a crop top than a bra, it can be worn as an outer or under garment and is aesthetically appealing. The reason it gets my vote, however, is how comfortable it felt to wear. Free from wires and fastenings, it kept dry and cool and did not ride up or move at all throughout the workout.”


June 07 – Jessica tested the Action Sports Bra:
Style/Colour- Looks and fits like a snug crop top, it has a very flattering cut and I would definitely wear it on its own. Mid Blue colour is extremely attractive and makes a nice change from the usual black or white. Score 5/5
Comfort/Support- Extremely comfortable, once I had it on I forgot about it – didnt chafe or pinch at all.Score 5/5
Breathability- felt dry and comfortable during my run, the cotton lining did get a bit damp and take a while to dry but to be fair it was a very warm day.Score 4/5
Quality- Very well made with nice strong stitching, nice smooth seams so nothing would catch on or tear during the pulling off process. Score 5/5
Overall- Being very small chested I battle to find any kind of sports bra to fit, this is the first time that I have ever pulled one on over my head and it has done everything it is supposed to. An added bonus was that it held my HRM in place throughout my entire run. I would definately recommend this bra and will be buying another one very soon. Score 5/5

Tracy tested the Super Sports Bra:
Style/Colour- Loved the colour I was sent (Raspberry), and the bra is available in a wide variety of colours. Loved the design too, and the fact that you can wear it as an outer garment in warm weather. Score 5/5
Comfort/Support- Excellent support, and the bra was very comfortable too.Score 5/5
Breathability- Did it’s job. My other sports bras are all cotton , so absorb the sweat and feel damp after exercising. This bra actually feels wetter to the touch, but seems to hold the moisture away from the body so it is more comfortable after exercising than my usual bra’s.Score 4/5
Quality- Cant fault the quality – very well made. Score 5/5
Overall- Excellent, I will definately get more of these bras Score 5/5

Stephanie tested the Super Sports Bra:
Style/Colour Score 3/5
Comfort/Support Score 4/5
Breathability Score 4/5
Quality Score 4/5
Overall This is a much better bra than I expected. Very good breathability and comfort for a compression bra and more support that most compression bras provide. No chaffing or excess sweating or iritation when worn for a long time. It may not look like much but this is a good bra! Score 4/5

Red Magazine

May 07 – My 3 Top Sports Bras For Fuller Cups – Sportjock Super Sports Bra
For bigger busts this looks good and is incredibly supportive.

The Sun Diet

December 06 – Super Sports Bra, The Test: I’m a DD-cup and have, in the shamefully recent past, been known to go jogging in a plunge bra only to wake up the next day feeling like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. So I knew this was a good idea, but when the bra arrived, it looked like the size of my daughter’s crop tops.

It fitted perfectly though, feeling the ‘hug’ side of tight. Running on the treadmill felt completely different: my chest didnt hurt while I jogged or rowed, I felt more streamlined and I wasn’t left with an aching bosom afterwards.

Would you use it again? Yes, although it’s not the most flattering design it works really well.
Rated 4/5

D3 The Test: Normally I need to strap myself in with some ultra-tight undies before I even think about going for a jog in the park.

But this bra was incredible. Granted, it still squished everything down until I felt I almost couldn’t breathe, but it kept it all very still and compact – and my jiggle was almost non-existent.

Cunningly, the hooks were at the front, so saved any awkward fiddling round the back, and the shape was actually quite flattering.

Would you use it again? Will be using it everyday – or at least every time I want to look sexy whilst running!
Rated 4/5

Slimmer Magazine

October 05 – (Sportjock, Shock Absorber, Puma, Natori, Triumph tested -Sportjock rated highest)

‘Despite seeming to be nothing more exciting than a stretchy crop-top, this clever little number actually works! It held boobs firmly yet comfortably in place throughout some vigorous jogging, and had the added bonus of offering real back support, too. In fact our tester was reluctant to take it off at the end of her workout’.

OK! Magazine

October 05 – ‘Flat seams and soft fabric make this comfy. The Powerband gives total support -perfect for high-impact sport’.

Daily Mail

January 02 – (Sportjock, Panache, Triumph, M&S, Shock Absorber tested – Sportjock rated highest)

Sportjock Super Sports Bra:
Tania Alexander: This has been a favourite for years. I always rely on it when running, as it’s so comfortable and supportive. The fabric feels soft and cool. It looks good enough to wear as a crop top and comes in ten different colours. 10/10

Top Sante, February 2001:
(Sportjock, Speedo, Shock Absorber, Champion, M&S tested – Sportjock rated highest)

The Verdicts:
Katie: ‘A brilliant fit and nothing rubbed’. 10/10

Dai:’ ‘Stylish – you could even wear it on its own as a top – and the material felt nice’. 9/10

Keely: ‘ It’s so supportive for a size DD like myself. 9/10

*Top Sante Approved*

The Independent on Sunday

September 01 – Great range of colours, terrific as outerwear. Design compresses breasts against the chest and minimises bounce; large-busted tester found Super Sport more comfortable of all the bras tested. Both testers rated them high for comfort. Not easy to pull off when sweaty, but the best-looking bra. 4/5

Top Sante

February 01 – (Sportjock, Speedo, Shock Absorber, Champion, M&S tested – Sportjock rated highest)

The Verdicts:
Katie: ‘A brilliant fit and nothing rubbed’. 10/10

Dai:’ ‘Stylish – you could even wear it on its own as a top – and the material felt nice’. 9/10

Keely: ‘ It’s so supportive for a size DD like myself. 9/10

*Top Sante Approved*

YOU Magazine

May 2000 – (Sportjock, Triumph, Shock Absorber, Dans-ez, Warner’s, M&S tested – Sportjock rated highest)

Marielle: ‘Excellent. My only reservation is that in white it’s a bit see-through’. 9/10

Julia: ‘I like the moulded cups and that you can wear it as a top’. 9/10

Louisa: ‘Good design but a bit loose round the ribcage’. 8/10

Best Bra:
Julia: Sportjock Super Sports Bra – ‘It’s quite deep, you don’t feel it’s going to ride up’.
Marielle: Sportjock Super Sports Bra – ‘It’s a nice looking bra. You can tell it’s American. The English have got to update their styles’.

Two Twenty Magazine

March 1997 – Super Sports Bra:
Especially designed for the fuller bust, this bra gives excellent support, while keeping you cool and dry. This is definitely one for us larger busted women, ideal for long periods of constant exercise and gives good support during vigorous sessions.

Action Sports Bra:
‘This fashionable cupless ‘crop-like’ bra, which can be worn as outerwear, lived up to its claim that it would keep you cool. Whilst I have a more modest bustline, this bra is also suitable for the fuller-busted woman. It’s soft, double-layered material which has special venting and a Coolmax ® inner, gave me very good support even when the pace increased.

‘This came out best overall, and received glowing reports for both style and performance’.